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’49 – Seattle Tacoma International Airport

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In 1942, construction started on a new international airport between Seattle and Tacoma.

The new airport dubbed Sea-Tac, was formally opened on July 9, 1949 (shown here).

The airport cost $11million and was opened free of debt.

Unted Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Pan American World Airways and Western Airlines started their service at Sea-Tac on the day of dedication.

Seattle PI Photo Gallery:

My Mom would say, “We flew Pan-Am out of TACOMA-Seattle the day they opened the new airport …”

Note: My Mom was a Tacoma-girl.

She would then laugh, because she knew it wasn’t ‘technically’ correct, would add, ” … and when we were walking out to the plane, a ‘flock’ of planes flew over”.

Until just now, I had no idea of how big the ‘flock’ was.


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