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I’ve had the good fortune to live in many far-away places; from Brazil to Tokyo, from London to the Middle East.


’04 and ’05 I was working in Amman, Jordan;  +ten-hour days, seven days a week, eight straight weeks, followed with twelve days off. 

Anywhooo, I jus’ by chance happen to hear the Stones: Time, time, time is on my side, yes it is”; and THEN I realized, NO it’s NOT; so I QUIT, and ended a thirty-five year career in Construction Management.

Since August of 2005, I’ve been living in Chiang Mai (the Rose of the North), Thailand.

note: The readers of ‘Travel + Leisure Magazine’ in a 2006 survey, voted Chiang Mai the 5th BEST City in the WORLD!!


Chiang Mai, Thailand, a.k.a. ‘the Land of Smiles’:


‘Pacific Northwest’:


‘a bit of this, a bit of thath; and a bit more of this . . . ‘

basically everything, which don’t fit into the other three.


‘Family Photos’


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