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Hey kid, it’s tough all over

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My Dad’s Hare Krishna ‘clicker’

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Back in the 60’s my Dad use to travel a lot on business, through LAX.

At the time, The Krisnas use to be able to VERY AGGRESSIVELY hassle the passengers ‘pimping their stuff’.

When one of ’em approached my Dad to give his pitch, he would pull out his key chain/clicker, and . . .

‘click’     ‘click’     ‘click’

They would often give up, say thank you, and then go hassle someone else.

My Dad said one guy would NOT GIVE UP, and followed him half way down the concourse; before finally being frustrated enough to say, “F*uck You!”.

My Dad, being my Dad, broke into, “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare . . .”

I asked him how the guy reacted to that, and he said, “He laughed”.



About the same time:

One Saturday morning my Dad and I were watching college football, and he picked up his clicker and,

‘click’     ‘click’     ‘click’

My Mom who had been in the kichen, came around the corner to see what the noise was.

My Dad, being my Dad, held up his coffee cup, and said, “Refill,  please”.


Well, suffice to say:

1. He did NOT get a refill.


2. He saved his clicker for the airport.


miss ’em both, a lot


(2 of 2) Scheveningen, Den Haag (The Hauge), NL

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This was of course taken many years later, but very little had changed with ‘Our House on Prins Mauitslaan’.

A related wordpress page:

“Our ’55 Christmas card was taken at”


(1 of 2) Scheveningen, Den Haag (The Hauge), NL

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After Rome, we moved to The Hauge, Holland.

It took awhile for my folks to find a suitable place to live, and then even longer to TOTALLY remodel the place before we move in.

In the interim, we stayed at the Kurhaus Hotel, Scheveningen, which is located right on the North Sea coast.

The staff all knew we were there on an extended stay; and they truly went out of the way to make us feel at home.

A couple of the memorable memories for me was when one of them took me up inside the dome; and another was a quick tour in the kitchen. I remember I was given a pasty as a treat; and THEN having the gall to ask for another; and YES, they gave me one!

“Aan de medewerkers van de het Kourhaus, ik dank u hartelijk voor uw vriendelijkheid!”

“Brazen Palace of Pictures”

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Via: ‘Brazen Palace of Pictures’


Great site Jake!




and my favorite:

My Granma

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I remember, a Saturday morning when I was nine, visiting my Granma’s house.

My Dad was reading the paper, and I was watching ‘The Lone Ranger’.

I then heard my Granma say to one of her cronies on the phone: “The weird weather, is due to the Russian nuclear testing”

I recall looking at my Dad for verification; he smiled, and shook his head, NO.


And then JUST TODAY, I read in the Bangkok Post:

“Disaster not linked to the latest cold snap”

The sudden drop in temperature has nothing to do with the nuclear crisis in Japan as many people fear, says the Meteorological Department. The abrupt change from more than 30C to 17-19C since Wednesday was caused by an intense high pressure system from China that covered Thailand, said director-general Torsak Wanitkhachorn.


So, my Granma, or my Dad?


‘As many people fear’, or Director General Torsak?



photo has written on the back: “The day we left for Brazil”

Back Row: my brother Tim, my cousin Dave, my Granma, my brother Chuck, and my cousin Linda

Q: Well. who’s the cute kid in front?

A: That’s my Granma’s favorite, me of course!

Leila; a.k.a. Lee; a.k.a. Mom; a.k.a. Granma

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born: March 15, 1915



wordpress blog: “54′ – on the back of the photo”