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(2 of 2) Scheveningen, Den Haag (The Hauge), NL

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This was of course taken many years later, but very little had changed with ‘Our House on Prins Mauitslaan’.

A related wordpress page:

“Our ’55 Christmas card was taken at”



(1 of 2) Scheveningen, Den Haag (The Hauge), NL

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After Rome, we moved to The Hauge, Holland.

It took awhile for my folks to find a suitable place to live, and then even longer to TOTALLY remodel the place before we move in.

In the interim, we stayed at the Kurhaus Hotel, Scheveningen, which is located right on the North Sea coast.

The staff all knew we were there on an extended stay; and they truly went out of the way to make us feel at home.

A couple of the memorable memories for me was when one of them took me up inside the dome; and another was a quick tour in the kitchen. I remember I was given a pasty as a treat; and THEN having the gall to ask for another; and YES, they gave me one!

“Aan de medewerkers van de het Kourhaus, ik dank u hartelijk voor uw vriendelijkheid!”

Our ’55 Christmas Card, was taken at …

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‘touristy’ Volendam.

After Rome it was on to the Hague.

Most of my Dad’s coworkers elected to live in ‘Americanish’ suburban Wassenaar, but my folks wanted to live in a more typical 50’s style Dutch neighborhood, and chose nearby Schevenigen.

Schevenigen is very nice community, and worth a visit. But fifty years ago, it was truly a wonderful place for a young American kid to live because there were so many cool places to ride our bikes including a very active ‘working’ fishing port just two blocks away, and the dunes and North Sea another block beyond.

The opposite direction was a little shopping street, where my Mom would go in one store for milk & eggs, and another for fruit & vegetables, and the best for last, the bakery. The Dutch to this day, make wonderful pastries.

Is it worth a trip to The Netherlands for the pastries?

Well, if you throw in some chocolates, absolutely!!

After returning to the States, a copy of this photo was on our wall, and my buddies would often ask if I REALLY wore these clothes to school?

C’mon now, how would you answer that?